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The 3 Things to Follow if You Want to Avoid Data Loss During Backup

If we already have a backup system installed, we will somehow feel at ease. However, we still can’t help but be worried most especially of we have critical data that we need to secure. It’s true that a backup system is not perfect and there can still be a problem that can result to data loss. Here are the things that you must follow if you want to avoid losing the essential files during a backup.

  1. Automated Backup

We are human, and there are some things that we tend to forget like keeping up with the schedule for system backup. It will automatically do backup process with or without you. We should never wait for something unfortunate to happen before we set the backup on automatic status.  It is best if we can practice prevention rather than do some damage control.

  1. Test the backup

We cannot be too sure unless we can already see things right in front of us. Even if we get the most expensive backup system, if we don’t know its capabilities we would still be nervous if someone will try to penetrate the whole system. Run a test for the backup system. Create a checklist of the files included so you can have it monitored.

  1. Copies of protection

Yes, you have a backup, but it is necessary that you have more than one copy of it. Accidents can happen, and the storage can be corrupted. If that happens, you can still lose the important data you have. Three is the magic number. Always have a duplicate copy of the backup file for assurance.

The reason why we get a backup system is to make sure that we will not lose the necessary data we need. Let’s follow these tips to guarantee that not one file will be lost during a backup procedure.

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