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The 3 Effective Tips to Prevent Ransomware

As much as we hate to say it, some people will stop at nothing until they can get what they want even if it at the expense of others. It is the reason why ransomware was born. If you are curious on what is it, it is the software that is widely used by hackers to get money. Once these criminals are in and got your information, the files will be held hostage until you give in to their demands. It is not fair, and with that being said, it is important that we can prevent it to happen. Here are the useful tips that we can use to prevent ransomware.

  1. Backup, Backup, and Backup!

Hackers continuously find a way to penetrate the systems which can be prevented if the systems we are using are up to date. The more updated it is, the better. It means whatever new virus has been discovered can be handled by the system we use.

  1. No Download

The best carrier of ransomware is the emails we are getting. Hackers tend to add an attachment, and since we have our curious minds, we cannot help but download and open it. If the file is from an outside source, be cautious about it or better if you will just remove it without even opening it.

  1. Limit the access

The confidential information should be protected at all times. Make sure that the access to it will only be given to a few people. Put in mind that the more people know about the access codes, the bigger the risks are. No matter how careful you are but if the individuals you have given it to don’t give a damn, then you are screwed.

Let’s all follow these three tips to make sure that none of us will be a victim of ransomware.

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