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The Best Free Cloud Storage Platforms

The Best Free Cloud Storage Platforms


Cloud is the future and we know it. With cloud services and platforms on the rise, it has become hard to choose just one platform that can satisfy all our needs and specifications. The task becomes all the harder when you are on the hunt to find a free cloud storage platform to save and store all your data, pictures, videos and the likes.

When choosing a free cloud storage service, it is highly recommended to look into various aspects other than the storage size and pricing. These include the features it has, the security it promises along with its speed and performance. Without beating around the bush any further, let’s have a quick look on a few of the best free cloud storage platforms that are available with us today. Thank us later!

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage platforms you can rely upon blindly. It provides greater storage capacity for free (15 GB) than all the other major providers with. This 15 GB of storage is shared among all the Google services like Gmail, Google photo account, and the likes. It is fast and reliable and supports all versions of files, unlike the Microsoft OneDrive.

  1. OneDrive

OneDrive from Microsoft provides you with 5GB of free storage space. This has come after Microsoft downgraded their plan from 30GB to 5GB last year. You can increase the storage capacity by 500 MB for every friend that you refer with a maximum bonus limit of 10 GB. Sadly, there is still no file versioning support for non-office files.

  1. DropBox

DropBox provides up to 2 GB of free storage space which can be increased by referring friends or connecting to your Facebook or Twitter. These bonuses have a 16 GB maximum limit. The DropBox is a simple and reliable file synchronization tool. It provides fast syncing between devices, especially if they are on the same Wi-Fi or LAN network.

  1. Mega

Mega is a very popular and widely used cloud storage system. It provides 50 GB free storage space. They claim that their zero-knowledge security with client side encryption makes them one of the most secure storage options where even the NSA cannot view your files. The system has a 10 GB bandwidth limit that resets every one hour which is higher than that of Dropbox or most other services.

  1. iCloud

Apple’s iCloud provides you with up to 5 GB of free storage space with which you can store your contacts, pictures, data and other info. It also works for Mac and Windows. Sadly there is no link sharing option and the web app is limited.

Cloud storage services are a boon to us all. And what makes them better is the fact that a large number of such platforms provide free storage. It is important to choose a cloud storage server that you can trust and rely upon. It is highly recommended to be careful while choosing your cloud storage platform, and check the security and reliability that they provide apart from being cost-friendly.